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Green Yes launch

The Hub, Edinburgh

SGP's own campaign for a Yes vote in next year's referendum

In the morning (arrive from 9:30am), top Green voices will be presenting our distinctive campaign messages and vision to the media, and in the afternoon (from 2pm) there'll be a chaired discussion about the referendum and the campaign.

Although room space is limited, both morning and afternoon are open to Green members, supporters and sympathisers to attend.

Yes Clydesdale - Biggar Roadshow

Biggar Municipal Hall

 The Yes Clydesdale roadshow hits Biggar. This is a chance for undecided voters to put your questions about Independence to the Yes Clydesdale team who cover a range of political parties and none. The roadshows so far have been a great opportunity for political discussion on how an Independent Scotland would tackle a whole range of issues including, tax, tourism, agriculture, benefits, business, pensions, the army, nuclear weapons, privatisation and energy to name a few.

Branch meeting Sept 2013

Harry Smith Centre, Lanark

 Business meeting. All members welcome.

Greens equal pay meeting packed out.

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Sun, 2013-09-01

Lanarkshire Greens welcomed equal pay campaigner Mark Irvine of Action for Equality Scotland to a packed public meeting which they hosted in Lanark on 29th August. Mark led the legal challenge to South Lanarkshire Council's refusal to release information on pay banding and recently won a case in the UK Supreme Court forcing the council to hand over the information and leaving it with legal bills running to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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1st Oct 2013

Greens host meeting with SLC equal pay campaigner Mark Irvine

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Thu, 2013-08-22

Lanarkshire Greens are delighted to be hosting a public meeting with equal pay campaigner Mark Irvine who won the recent equal pay FOI case against SLC, forcing them to release information on how it paid male and female staff on the same grade. After running up around £200,000 of legal fees fighting the case to the UK Supreme Court, SLC finally released information which seems to show that female staff were indeed paid less than their male counterparts. coming to talk to us at the meeting.

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21st Sep 2013

RIC EK Musical Tour. Acoustic Night

The Kube, EK

RIC is an energetic, inclusive and progressive movement campaigning on the road toward a more equal, just, and democratic independent Scotland.

Root n Toot Festival

Ballerup Hall, EK

 Festival of Food, Drink, Arts, Politics, Culture, Craft and Music. Speakers and stalls during the day (including Lanarkshire Greens stall) and music and a buffet in the evening. Admission £1 during the day (Children free) and £10 in the evening (including buffet).
Organised by RIC EK, Scotland Against Monsanto and Oxfam.

Yes Clydesdale - Lanark Roadshow

Lanark Memorial Hall

Yes Clydesdale  roadshow. 

Yes Clydesdale - leafletting Lanark

Car park (nr to the post office and the road to Tesco) 10 Kildare Rd Lanark ML11 7AE

Yes Clydesdale are leafletting Lanark this Saturday (17/8/13) ahead of their roadshow there on 31/8/13. Helpers very welcome as Lanark is one of the larger towns in the area. 

Supreme Court tells SLC to give information to equal pay campaigners

News date: 
Mon, 2013-07-29

South Lanarkshire Council today lost it's appeal to the UK Supreme Court in which it tried to maintain that it could not release information which might benefit female staff making equal pay claims because this would breach data protection laws. The Information Commissioner for Scotland and the Court of Session had already told SLC to release the information, but instead of compiling the council decided to waste £200,000 of public money fighting the point.

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28th Aug 2013
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