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Clydesdale Greens' Budget Response

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Posted on Lanark Gazette's Web Page

 Commenting on the 2013 budget, Lanark-based Green activist Jim Ferguson said "The budget is a sound bite. Albert Einstein's definition of madness sums it up: 'doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result the second time!'. This is the fourth cuts budget. Current policy will lead to the Japanese experience of a " lost decade". Our children deserve better.

Green condemn latest Clydesdale bus fares hike

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Sun, 2013-03-17

Greens are condemning further fare increases from 1st April on the 100 series Edinburgh to Dumfries routes through Clydesdale. This will be the third fare rise on the route in the last year. Fares rose by 10 %

Britain's Plutonium Mountain

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Mon, 2013-03-11
BBC Radio 4 File on 4 Downloads and Podcasts
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 £1.4 Billion plus £80 million per year of Taxpayers money goes into the nuclear black hole of Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing site. The plant was featured on BBC File on 4 recently and revealed that U.S.

How Strong Is Lanark's Food Chain?

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Jim Ferguson

Two stories in the Gazette this week reminded us of an old quote that ‘Agriculture is the Mother of all Arts’. The food chain is ignored until it is in the headlines. While it is wonderful that local people have rallied together to set up a Food Bank for the Clydesdale area, it is shocking that it is a necessity. We need to make changes in policy to ensure that in a rich country like Scotland, everyone has enough food to eat.

Paterson announce further Overburns Quarry appeal

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Wed, 2013-02-27

Greens are condemning news that developers Paterson of Greenoakhill are intending to appeal the Scottish Government Reporter's decision to the Court of Session that a quarry Overburns Farm, L

Rutherglen named as air quality blackspot

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Sun, 2013-02-17

Poor air quality in Rutherglen has been highlighted in a Scottish Government report which names it as one of the 26 worst sites in Scotland. 
The Rutherglen site at the crossroads between the A730 and the B768 exceeded the limit for the average concentration of tiny PM10 particles during 2012, with an average concentration on 18.5 microgrammes per metre3 compared to a limit of 18 microgrammes per metre3 which was been set to protect human health.

Greens ask: What's making people eat cheap, poor quality meat?

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Sun, 2013-02-17

Behind the food scare stories there lies a fundamental question about why people buy cheap food without knowing its origins. Asking around some Green activists has produced the following thoughts.

Susan Martin to contest Rutherglen South for the Greens on Valentines Day

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Tue, 2013-02-12

Do you want a new Councillor who knows Rutherglen South and has fresh, progressive and practical solutions for a brighter future for the area? Susan Martin, the Scottish Green Party's candidate for the Rutherglen South By-election is semi retired and has lived in Rutherglen all her married life. 

Scottish Greens Spring Mini-conference

AK Bell Library, Perth
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 Sessions on Branch Development, Political Strategy, Economic Policy and  European Policy. 
£15 (£10 concessions).

Branch meeting Apr 2013

Harry Smith Centre, Lanark
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 Branch business meeting. Members (and new members) welcome. 

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