Fracking applications denounced by Greens

News date: 
7th Dec 2015

“Scottish Greens are consistently opposed to fracking. With more Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, we will stand up for our communities and keep the pressure on. Fracking is a distraction from a cleaner, jobs rich energy future that benefits everyone, rather than a few multinationals."
According to the news broken by online media outlet, The Ferret, ”Information released by the UK government reveals that nine companies have applied for licences to exploit shale gas beneath 1,900 square kilometres of land. Shale reserves are all centred around Glasgow and Edinburgh across Lanarkshire, Lothian and Fife.”
Following pressure from Scottish Greens the UK Government agreed not to award fracking licenses in Scotland as this power is due to be devolved, a concession won by the Greens during the Smith Commission negotiations.
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8th Jan 2016